FHSSM Admissions


Opens May 15, 2020


What you will need:

1) $30 Application Fee (non-refundable)

2) 2 References: Christian Leader & Personal (Before starting the application have an email address ready for each. Once the application is submitted links will be sent to each reference.)


1) Complete the online application form and submit the $30 application fee.  

2) There is a place on the application form for you to enter the contact information for your two references, We will send a link to them for them to submit an online recommendation.

3) Application forms will be considered incomplete without references.

4) Once the online application is complete and references are returned, the Admissions teams will review the application and set up an interview with the applicant.

5) A $300 tuition deposit is due upon acceptance or by August 31st, 2020. We have a 50 student maximum for Class of 2021. Your deposit will go toward your school tuition. 

6) Admission for the 2020 – 2021 school year closes August 31, 2020. Please be sure to turn in all materials before then.



Application Fee: $30 non-refundable


First Year Tuition:

10% Discount for married couples or immediate family living in the same household.
5% Discount for full payment by September 9, 2020

Second Year Tuition:


10% Discount for married couples or immediate family living in the same household.

5% Discount for full payment by September 9,2020

Tuition for First and second Years Includes:

2 night all-inclusive student retreat and all activities fees and in-class text books.

Tuition DOES NOT include:

Mandatory books (on reading list) and non-mandatory field trip to Voice of the Prophets in April 2021.

Tuition Deposit 

$300 non-refundable due at acceptance or latest by August 1, 2020

Payment plans are available including monthly payments of only $150 a month for the 8 months of school. 



Looking to check out our school? We welcome you!
Guests and prospective students are allowed to audit the class up to 3 times over the school year.
To schedule times for visit send us an email using the contact form in the footer of the page.
 We look forward to meeting you.

Join Us

If you are unable to visit a class we have community gatherings. 

We also have Encounter Nights which are on zoom. Please join us! These servies are every Thursday night at 7pm.  
Prophetic Prayer rooms meet every Monday & Friday 12pm – 1pm on Zoom. In need of encouragement or prayer? Hop on and some one will pray for you. 

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