Meet Our Leaders

Firehouse Leadership Team

Mandy Adendorff Director

Mandy is the founder and senior leader of Firehouse.  

Mandy and her husband Stuart have been married for 26 years and have two amazing daughters. Their young family immigrated from South Africa to New England in 1998 with a few suitcases, a dream and a call. Stuart is in business and Mandy has been ministering for 25+ years locally and internationally. She ministers from the grace that God is easy to access, He is better than we imagine and He makes life sweet. Her passion is to empower people to step into their incredible God breathed destiny.

Mandy is also an artist and an author. Find out more at

Jess Benedict Revival Group Pastor Outreach Director

Jess is the Outreach Leader and a Revival Group Pastor at Firehouse.

Jessica and Stephen enjoy being Mom and Dad to their three young children. They have a passion for helping families foster the culture of heaven in their home as they raise up children, from a young age, to know their God and walk in resurrection power. Jess is a FHSSM graduate and her heart burns with compassion for the lost, broken and hopeless. She has helped launch and facilitate a christian recovery meeting and delighted in serving others through different community outreach ministries. She carries a fresh prophetic vision for this generation, believing that hope lives inside fearless sons and daughters who dare to live every moment in sync with the rhythm of heaven and in constant response to the heartbeat of the Father. Jessica is devoted to championing all believers to flood the earth with the river of life inside them; drawing everyone they meet into a transformational power encounter with the love of God.

Gabrielle Keene Revival Group Pastor Worship Director

Gabrielle is the Worship Leader and a Revival Group Pastor of Firehouse. 

Gabrielle was born and raised in Connecticut and her heart is postured to see God move in New England as sons and daughters arise and step into their identity. She is a musician who loves to share the wonderment and adoration of God through leading worship.

Gabrielle has a heart to see people thrive and have victory in every area of life. She has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in order to promote wholeness in the lives of those she ministers to. Gabrielle passionately served in a local church for many years and is a graduate of a YWAM Discipleship Training School. 

Christine Sand FHSSM & FHSSC Leader & Revival Group Pastor

Christine is a passionate worship leader and songwriter for over twenty years and an FHSSM graduate. She is the founder and director of I.S.O.W (Immerse School of Worship).  A school dedicated to discovering one’s true identity in Christ.

Her heart’s desire is to cultivate and grow the father’s love in the hearts of those she works with through creativity, worship, and the prophetic.  

Christine is marked with compassion for those suffering with mental illness. She is an advocate for the healing of all who are oppressed mentally and  she is dedicated to bring mental health awareness to the body of Christ.  It is her desire that everyone she comes in contact with will realize their identity in Christ and walk in his likeness to be a hope breather, an atmosphere changer, and a chain breaker. 

Christine is an amazing cook especially when it comes to Puerto Rican culinary creations! She was born and raised in Connecticut, is a wife to her beloved husband Rob and mother of three wonderful children.

Linda Sullivan FHSSM Leader & Revival Group Pastor

Linda is passionate about seeing lives transformed and people finding their true identity in Christ. She is a graduate of FHSSM and also studied under Hillsong Bible College in South Africa.  

Linda loves to encourage and support people on their journey and she is gifted in teaching others how to unlock their limitless potential. 

Linda is also a licensed family physician in South Africa and currently in the process of obtaining a medical license in the USA. Her main interest is in the field of Neuro-psychiatry.

Linda was born in South Africa and now resides in Connecticut with her husband Marc and their 2 boxer dogs (who they absolutely adore!) Linda and Marc have a cool story as they met each other while working onboard cruise ships. After dating and working together for 3 years they got married and Linda immigrated to the USA. Besides their passion for their dogs (and hiking buddies) they also love to travel and create DIY projects around their home. 

Linda serves in her local church women’s ministry team and it is her heart to see women flourish in every area of life, from family, career, health to wealth. 

Rachel Busuulwa FHSSC Leader & Revival Group Pastor

Rachael Busuulwa is a worship leader born in Uganda and raised in the United States. She fell in love with music at a very young age, has a background in classical vocal performance and started leading worship at 13 years old. 

Rachael has a bachelors in Biology and has a strong belief that creativity and worship are not limited to music, painting, dance, writing…etc. but instead expand to the arts of science, mathematics, speaking and teaching. Some of the most brilliant and anointed artists can be found in hospitals, labs, courtrooms or even teaching in elementary schools. 


She recently completed her third year at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California and is now currently residing in Connecticut. 

Lee Woodward FHSSC Leader

Lee Woodward was born and raised in a small village called Hook Norton in the UK. He began his walk of faith at the age of twelve and is a gifted prophetic voice and creator. Lee not only operates in the prophetic calling himself, but he believes it is important to connect all people to the voice of their Heavenly Father. 

Lee is a graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (Redding, CA) where he completed three years of training including an internship under a pastor from the ministry school at Bethel. 

His vision is to see the body of Christ embrace the way of God’s Spirit and God’s Word, and for people of all nations to became authentic disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Lee loves to create . His creativity ranges from prophetic painting and writing to gardening! And he is passionate to see God’s people grow in their own unique creative giftings too.

He currently serves as a church leader at Hook Norton Baptist Church in the UK where he lives.

Alicia Morgan Office Manager

Alicia is the Firehouse Office Manager. 

Alicia lives to encourage and empower the body of Christ.

She also enjoys partnering with others in their process of self-discovery, understanding their now, strengthening and rebuilding their foundation as a springboard to living a free and transformed life.

Alicia and her super supportive hubby, Bruce are blessed, most of all, to be the parent of Nathan and Nia-Amora.

Kimberly Springman Board of Directors

Kimberly Springman is a member of Firehouse Board of Directors and Treasurer. 

Kimberly is a gifted prophetic intercessor. She has previously worked on planting a leadership school alongside teaching in CT. Kimberly and her husband Andrew are currently involved with the Billy Graham Association. They appreciate the arts in various forms, kayaking, hiking, and the different expressions of kingdom communities.

Lorene Switzer Board of Directors

Lorene Switzer is a member of Firehouse Board of Directors and Secretary of the Board

 Lore is a gifted teacher and pastor at faith Worship Center and Faith School of Supernatural Ministry in Pepperell, MA.  She and her husband Bob have an infectious love of life and are proud parents and grandparents. Lore is also an entrepreneur, and health and wellness coach.

Barbara LaChance Board of Directors
Kimberly Springman Board of Directors

Kimberly Springman is a member of Firehouse Board of Directors and Treasurer. 

Kimberly is a gifted prophetic intercessor. She has previously worked on planting a leadership school alongside teaching in CT. Kimberly and her husband Andrew are currently involved with the Billy Graham Association. They appreciate the arts in various forms, kayaking, hiking, and the different expressions of kingdom communities.

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Brian Simmons – The Passion Translation Project

“God wants His House to be a House of Fire and Glory. The team at Firehouse have hearts ignited with fresh passion for Jesus. I love what they’re doing for God’s kingdom.  You MUST look into the classes they offer and the discipleship that awaits you at FIREHOUSE. This supernatural school of ministry will change your life! “

Ron & Donna Kutinsky – Hope International Ministries & Gulf Coast School of Supernatural Ministry

“The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” – a saying we’re all familiar with regarding offspring, but can I tell you that it also holds true for ministry schools! And that is exactly why Firehouse School of Supernatural Ministry is so powerful; Mandy Adendorff! As a “gate-keeper”, Mandy stewards the presence of the Holy Spirit so well because she herself is so intimately engaged with Him! We have had the privilege of having Mandy minister at our school (Gulf Coast School of Supernatural Ministry, Bradenton, FL) and we were all so impacted! We love that Firehouse School of Supernatural Ministry is not just amazing information, but also life-transforming activation! You can fill your head with information, but if you can’t translate it into life, it stays dormant. Most people we talk with have a sense that they should be in life beyond where they currently are – a sense that God has more for them. But most aren’t aware of what’s keeping them from it! Many others are aware, but not sure how to navigate beyond it. If that’s you, if you’re looking to unlock your destiny, then we say; “enroll now!” Discover the “you” God designed you to be through the empowering, Heaven engaging, destiny unlocking direction of our dear friend, Mandy Adendorff and her life-changing ministry at Firehouse School of Supernatural Ministry!”

Barbara Lachance – Pastor, Teacher, Author & Artist

“I have known Mandy Adendorff for many years.  Over that time, I have seen a maturity in her arise that few have.  Her passion to see God manifested through the school of supernatural ministry is only exceed by her faith in God.  It is Connecticut’s time!  God will manifest Himself through this school and those who attend. I am thrilled to endorse the Firehouse School of Supernatural Ministry, and I would encourage all who read this to attend.  Your life will be transformed”.

Dr. Dale A. Fife – Bestselling Author, Founder and President of Mountain Top Global Ministries

“Church is not about the building, the location, or the name on the front. It’s about the people! Firehouse is about people. They are passionate about loving God through exciting heartfelt worship, serving God in the community, on the streets, in the homes, and businesses, schools and government, and restoring humanity from  hopelessness to a victorious and prosperous living in Jesus Christ. If you’re looking for a cutting edge, no nonsense, life-changing, non-religious school of ministry, I highly recommend FHSSM. Come celebrate and serve the Lord along with others who are on fire for Jesus.”

Daryl and Lin Nicolet – Senior Leaders of Faith Ministries & Faith School of Supernatural Ministries

“We’ve been blessed to know Mandy Adendorff for the past several years and have greatly admired her love for Jesus and the Body of Christ. Mandy’s passion to see God’s kingdom displayed and lived out in the lives of every believer is strongly evident in Firehouse School of Supernatural Ministry. We highly recommend this school that is setting hearts on fire and sending out world changers!”

FIREHOUSE Ministry is an equipping center & community of believers who value the Presence of God & are passionate about releasing His Kingdom here on earth through hosting God's presence, fueling revival and transforming lives.

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