Discovering Who You Are


Most of us know theoretically that we are children of God but its not until we grasp this information in our hearts that we can fully step into the life that Jesus died to give us. Understanding our identity as beloved sons and daughters, new creations and fellow heirs with Christ is vital for a supernatural lifestyle of power and love. At FHSSM we are committed to empowering each student to grasp this revelation.


At FHSSM we value His presence above all else. Classes are led from a place of listening to what the Lord is doing moment by moment and following His lead. Students discover what is looks like to live aware of His presence 24/7 through hands on experience at every class and gathering. The great adventure of our lives starts and finishes at this point.


Grasping our identity in Christ creates the foundation where personal wholeness manifests from the inside out. Wounds can be healed, broken mindsets can be renewed and wellness in every dimension of life becomes possible. At FHSSM we focus on empowering and giving tools to help students to pursue personal wholeness on a continual basis.

FIREHOUSE Ministry is an equipping center & community of believes who value the Presence of God & are passionate about releasing His Kingdom here on earth through hosting God's presence, fueling revival and transforming lives.

F I R E H O U S E  2019