1.  This form works best on a desktop or laptop computer and some tablets but can be completed on most mobile devices
2.  Only use one of the following browsers: Chrome or Safari
3.  If you have any technical issues click here to contact us
4.  You can save your progress and complete the application at a later time. A link to your saved application will be sent to the email address you provide, so make sure your email is input correctly.
5.  Tip: Save your answers in a separate document (Word, Google Docs or Pages) as back-up
6. References: You will need to provide contact information for each reference (2 references required). This will be submitted directly through the application. We will send links to each person to submit a recommendation form online.
The Christian Leader reference should be someone who is well acquainted with your journey and walk with the Lord. This can be a spiritual parent, pastor, small group leader, Christian mentor, youth leader, or any pastoral figure in your life. Please do not list a family member as a reference.
7. Upon completion a $30 application fee is due in order for the application to be processed. Click the link at the bottom for direct access to process your payment or go to the “GIVE” tab above.

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