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FHSSM meets 2 nights a week onMondays and Thursday from 6pm – 9pmOutside of classroom times students are required to do the assigned reading and submit monthly book reports.  


FHSSM is a full immersion type school  and covers a large amount of materials and topics in depth.  Though we meet only twice a week, we understand that transformation takes place both inside and outside of school hours. In order for students to be able to process such quick growth, it is vital that students read the assigned books. All of the reading is fascinating and life-changing material. Students are required to submit book reports for each required reading. Students gain the skills to remain teachable in order to encounter and grow for the rest of their lives. 


Our curriculum and teaching resources are mainly sourced from Bethel, Redding CA. We also feature our own teachers and guest speakers. Our weekly classes are divided into two distinctly different experiences; classroom night and Encounter night. Classroom nights are reserved for intense training, worship and heart ministry. Encounter nights are a time to practice the presence of God and allow revelation to sink in.  Both evenings are necessary for the development of Firehouse students and are part of our curriculum.

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New Location:
The Well
1 Northwest Drive
Plainville, CT

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