What do I need to apply?

1) 2 letters of recommendation (1 Christian Leader & 1 Personal) 

2) $30 Application Fee: go to the Give page to make a payment, and select “application fee”. Be sure to fill out all of the info sections

3) Profile Picture: submit through application

What is the application process?

Once you have the submitted the application form, we will send links to a reference form to each of your references. When both references have completed and submitted to form we contact you to schedule an interview. 

What are the age requirements?

Adults age 16 and up.

Where and when does the school meet?

FHSSM meets in person on Mondays @ our Plainville, CT location and Thursdays through zoom.

FHSSC meets online for all gatherings and classes.


Can I visit the school?

Guests may visit FHSSM and FHSSC while school is in session up to three times in each school year. Please contact us with your request.

Is it feasible for me to work a full-time/part-time job while attending?

Most students do work full-time or part-time jobs. We have designed the program so it is accessible even to people with demanding lives. 

Am I required to attend both the First Year and Second Year programs?

No, each program is independent from each other, but 2nd year does build upon 1st year for those wanting to go deeper.

Is there homework or additional commitments outside of class time?

Students are required to read assigned books and submit a book report every month. 

Students may pay their tuition over time or at the start of the school year.
I believe FHSSM is for me! How do I start the application process?

Hover over “School” in the main menu at the top of the page and click “Apply” in the drop down menu, or click HERE to start an application form now. 

Come Visit!

New Location:
The Well
1 Northwest Drive
Plainville, CT

Click HERE for map link to location